The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

Something Cool From My Massive Tool

If you're using the Firefox browser right now, you should see the Firefox logo below. If you're using Internet Explorer, you should see the IE logo below. I've tested this on both browsers. (If you're using a browser other than those two, please tell me which logo you see!) Of course, I could have used any two images for this example (as long as they were the same size) – made IE users see an animated GIF of Rick Astley performing "Never Gonna Give You Up", for instance; and made Firefox users see a JPG of scary naked midget clowns. Not that I have any such JPGs, mind you, err…

For details of how this works, and how to do it yourself, see this post in my Allah Sulu's Massive Tool community.

Tags: allah sulu's massive tool, geekery, plug
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