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EDIT: I do not automatically friend back anyone just because they friended me – especially if I have no idea who they are and how they found me. If you're planning on hanging around in here, you might as well introduce yourself. If you add me and never say a word, I might not even notice you.

Allah Sulu-South Park

Who Else Would Buy This?!

   It’s been … I don’t recall how many years. Anyway, this is something that I just had to put here. We’ve all seen how creepily specific some of the online targetted ads have gotten – talk about Japan, and ads for Japan trips start popping up on the sites you visit. Well, the other day, I got this one: a fucking bottle of vodka with a Santa hat and wings. (Yes, of course I bought one.)

Allah Sulu-South Park

The Big Five-Oh

   Some people have wondered, “What is a d50 [fifty-sided die] even for?” Obviously, for generating a number from one through fifty (inclusive). It can alse be used to select one element from a set of fifty items. There are fifty states in the USA; a d50 could be used to select one at random. I have been alive for fifty years; I could use a d50 to select one and then reminisce (which would be difficult if I rolled extremely low). And if any of you are looking to leave your lover, there are fifty ways to do that (according to Paul Simon) – all you would have to do is roll a d50, and then select from the “Leaving Your Lover” table…

Doctor Who

It Wasn't Even Bigger on The Inside

   Remember that TARDIS I mentioned a couple of months ago, that we spotted in the yard of a house about a mile down the road? I enjoyed seeing that whenever I drove past it. Unfortunately, while going by yesterday, we stopped and watched it being disassembled and moved onto a truck. This neighborhood has just gotten significantly less cool.



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Describe the above face:

Hard to look at.
A testicle with teeth.
The result of Freddy Krueger face-fucking a topographical map of Utah.
The result of an avacado having sex with an older, nastier avacado.
The inside of other peoples assholes.
A face I would sit on.
Other (specify in comments).