The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

No Picture, But

I'm wearing a Star Trek red shirt (from the new movie) to work today. What could possibly go wrong?


EDIT: For my own future reference, I'm updating this list from two years ago. These are costumes I've worn to work on Halloween (or the nearest weekday to Halloween, if applicable):

2009:  A Starfleet security officer (an expendable red shirt) from Star Trek (the 2009 movie version).
2008:  No costume this year either, as best as I recall.
2007:  A serial killer ("they look like everyone else"). In other words, no costume.
2006:  Captain Feathersword the friendly pirate (from The Wiggles).
2005:  Ninja.
2004:  I was a Klingon after work, maybe I also wore that to work? Not sure.
2003:  Star Blazer (a.k.a. Uchuu Senkan Yamato officer).
2002:  I said I was "dressed in black." This was the year I went to work as Riff Raff, and went straight from the office to a Rocky Horror performance in DC; but I didn't post a picture or details to my LJ because I was still maintaining my "secret identity".
2001:  I wore my Ryoga costume a couple of weeks earlier in Orlando that year, so that was probably the year I wore it to work.
2000:  I went to Aurienne's Halloween party as the Joker, so that might be the year I was the Joker at work as well.
1999:  Vampire (found a couple pix on my HD, don't think there are any online).
1998:  I think I started it this year with a Vulcan; but I'm really not sure. Something over the years has killed a lot of my brain cells, and I don't know what.
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