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New England Patriots Mascot Arrested in Sex Sting

Providence, RI — A man who acts as a mascot for the New England Patriots is among 14 people who have been arrested for prostitution-related crimes in Rhode Island since a new law went into effect that banned indoor prostitution…

It's a relatively-little-known fact that, for several years now, "indoor" prostitution has been legal in Rhode Island due to an accidental loophole caused by a poorly-designed law. A defense attorney for one arrested John managed to get his client off by finding and exploiting that loophole (thus getting the client off for the second time); and once the precedent had been set, other judges were throwing out cases which also fit the loophole. Eventually, the police stopped making arrests which they knew weren't going to be upheld. Every year, the RI general assembly tried to pass a law to close the loophole, but they failed for a variety of reasons. The ACLU opposed any attempted to close the loophole, as did some families with Italian-sounding last names. Apparently, just last month, a new law made prostitution a misdemeanor crime "regardless of where it occurs".

State Police say Robert Sormanti of Warwick was among those arrested in an undercover sting at a hotel. The Providence Journal reports Sormanti is among the team's mascots…

I realize that it doesn't count as "furry" since the New England Patriots' mascot isn't an animal (it's a Patriot, duh), but I still think it's funny imagining he was in the costume at the time of the arrest. You know, while that loophole was still in effect, maybe the Patriots should have just used her (NSFW) as their official mascot. A football stadium counts as "indoors", right? (No, wait, they play in Massachusetts. Never mind.)

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