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Shovel Eighteen Inches and What Do You Know / Another Day Colder and Deeper in Snow

Here's the path I shoveled from our front door (right) to the street. The snow had been four or five inches higher than the bottom of the door, so I had to force it open to get out. Just to be neighborly, I cleared off the entire stoop including all of the snow in front of the door next door. The snow continued to fall swift and steady as I shoveled, so I had to shovel an additional two inches or so of new snow off of this path before I went back in. All told, I was outside with the shovel for almost two hours. Richard followed me out, and ran back and forth over the areas I'd shoveled while I expanded his running space. He was very excited by all the snow.

Q went out the back door, also forcing her way out through a snowdrift blocking the door. She slid down the hill into the woods, and then made her way along the path and back up to the street and home again to meet me and Richard. She found evidence that she wasn't the first to come this way, such as this snow angel someone left that was already refilling with fresh snow. I wonder how old it was…

Someone had also sat on this bench a while previously, and left an impression.

The river.

Here's the rear-end of my car, excavated from the snow. Since I park on the side of the road, it was almost completely buried by the snow plows. The snow on the lawn is powdery, but the plowed-up snow and ice on the car was much harder and heavier. I wasn't planning on digging the entire thing out (at least not today; maybe tomorrow), especially since the next plow would just block it in again, but I wanted to uncover at least some of it before the slush in the plowed snow froze overnight and solidified, and also to make tomorrow's work a little easier. (Anyway, if I had dug out my car completely and driven it anywhere, I would have been risking someone else parking there and stealing my space.) Anyway, the back of the car is completely exposed (well, I didn't bother with the rear window) and I also shoveled out the snow underneath it – so there's no snow behind the two rear tires.

Me out in the street exposing the driver's door, which had been completely covered (except for the rear-view mirror sticking out of the snow) before I started. I don't wear hats, so there's solid ice building up in my hair that took a bit of time to melt once I went back inside. I just wrapped a towel around my neck and waiting until I was done dripping before I touched the computers or any other electronics.

Q posing with the partially-exposed car, and Richard in the background on the stoop.

Here's a view of the other side of my car. The passenger side of the car had not been completely buried, because it wasn't facing the street and the snow plows. The headlight is on because I started up the car once I got the driver's door cleared and I could get inside. I let it run for a while to warm up, to make sure nothing was freezing.

I took this picture right before I went inside to dry off.

EDIT: It's over two hours later and the snow is still falling, but it looks like it may be slowing down. Or maybe I'm just seeing less snow falling because it's dark.

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