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There's No Business Like Snow Business

When I looked out the window this morning the passenger-side windows were both covered with a thin layer of snow (as was most of the passenger side of the car). You may recall that that was not the case yesterday afternoon; it was an indication of how much more snow had fallen last night after I'd finished shoveling. In any event, it was warm and sunny during the day today, so the thin layer of snow on the passenger-side windows (and on the sidewalk, and on the roads) had melted by the time I went outside. (That big mound of snow in the middle of the lawn? Q did that last night, thinking she might do a sculpture.)

Here's a picture of the driver's side of my car. As you can see, the door I cleared off yesterday is still mostly clear. The plows didn't throw up too much snow in front of the door (and whatever snow was thrown up had partially mented). The door was still easily opened. (Notice that my neighbor's car is still buried. I only saw one other person on the street doing any significant amount of shoveling yesterday; and even today, most of the cars on the street were still buried. About a third of them, however, had been cleared off today or were in the process of being cleared off, when I took a walk down the street.

When I shoveled (a significantly smaller amount of) snow last year, by back was tight and sore when I returned to the house. Fortunately, we have a shiatsu massage chair in the living room, and I had just let that pound my back for about 20 minutes once I'd dried off. This year, I was fine when I finished shoveling – I didn't bother with the massage chair, although I did have a large hot cocoa with rather a large shot of liquid "muscle relaxent" in it. Anyway, my back didn't get stiff and sore until I woke up this morning, although it gradually loosened up with the painkillers in both solid and liquid form. Still, Q ordered me not to do any shoveling, so I took Richard outside, and brushed the snow off of the car with my arms while he watched.

After that, I got into the car and drove it back and forth about six feet or so, slamming into the snowbanks behind and in front of my car, loosening it from the snow which engulfed it on both sides, and providing me with a little manuevering room. It wouldn't take too much additional shoveling before it could get out. (I did eventually take it out later, but the traffic and roads were horrible. Not all of the lanes had been plowed, and the water and slush on the roads was starting to re-freeze. We turned around and went home, and my space was still waiting for me to pull back in.)

Anyway, after I'd done all I could do for my car without using a shovel, Richard and I took a walk down the street. As I said, we saw some cars that were totally dug out (and may have actually been driven out and back) and others that were in the process of beign excavated – but they were the minority. Most of the people on the street hadn't left home (unless it was on foot) and didn't plan on driving anywhere in the near future either. Even if the roads are all clear and businesses are reopened tomorrow, they're not planning to have any of it. Anyway, this picture and the next were taken as we passed the community swimming pools a couple of blocks away. The pools are drained and the water slides are covered with snow.

These are the regular pool and the kiddie pool.

Here are a picnic table and bike rack, completely unused and unmolested (unlike yesterday's bench).

Once we got back home, I demonstrated to Richard how to make a snow angel. Oh – can you see the small blue thing protruding from the snow just above my "head"? That's the sled that Richard used yesterday. Q tossed it on the lawn before going in yesterday, and it was almost entirely buried today.

Finally, here's Richard's first snow angel EVAR.

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