The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

Rocky Horror T-Shirt

This is the shirt in regular light. The left sleeve has my name on it, and the right sleeve has a bright, if screen-inaccurate, drawing of Frank-N-Furter's BOSS tattoo – right on the right upper arm, where Frank has his.

All of the coloring was done with fluorescent fabric markers (and the black lines with a Sharpie) so that the design would glow under black light, as seen in this picture. (It actually looks better in reality than in this picture.)

Finally, I also did some outlines (and filled in the center of the heart and parts of the dagger) with glow-in-the-dark paint, so that you get a thrird effect in pitch darkness. I whipped this up on Saturday because I thought it would be cool; and I did wear it while lit, black-lit, and in the dark.

Tags: geekery, pictures, rocky horror
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