The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

TC in DC, Part One

Bob Simon on Thursday night, after picked him up from the airport, took him to a rehearsal, fed him, and checked him into the hotel. The shirt he's wearing says "REAL MEN WEAR FISHNETS", and is accompanied by a picture of Bob Simon playing Frank-N-Furter at the Beck Center in Cleveland (IIRC). At first, he didn't think he was egotistical enough to wear a shirt with his own picture on it; but he got over that quickly enough. ;)

Friday, getting ready for show time. I drew the BOSS tattoo on Bob Simon (and not for the first time); a big thank you to all of those people who told Bob that they thought it was a real tattoo. (I accidentally caught myself in the mirror when I took this picture. It's one of the few pictures of me on my camera. I've already seen a couple of other pictures of me on Q's Facebook, though.)

My new camera has a facial recognition feature, and it draws boxes around the faces it spots on the LCD screen. The first face it spotted, when I went to take this picture, was Christopher Walken on her shirt. Some people it would spot, and some it wouldn't – it didn't recognize bmajors' face; at first, I thought it was the Abraham Lincoln beard (see below), but it did recognize the other Lincoln, and it didn't spot her face later even without the beard.

Mmmm, sacra-licious! (Later on, she started having trouble keeping the top on and her boobs contained. It's is evidence of how drunk I was – the infamous reputation of my punch continues to spread – that I assisted her in concealing them rather than enjoying the show.)

Here I am visiting the gay bar.

Bea Arthur's infamous punch.

A group of people enjoying my punch, which was located in Dawn's room (411). The punch was in high demand; even though I ran out to procure additional ingredients, the last batch was made at 12:45 AM Saturday morning – all the booze I bought didn't come close to lasting all weekend. Oh, and as another tangent, all of the con badges were generated by my Massive Tool.

Time to bring “Fingercuffs” up on stage, whether he wants to go or not. It helped that we got him a bit sauced before we sent him up to take one for the team…

Next, Glasgow Tunnel performed a few songs (including a couple with lyrics by yours truly).

And for those of you who wondered where Richard was, he spent the weekend with his grandparents in Ohio. Here he is, doing Numfar's Dance of Anticipation as we await their arrival. (We met in Pennsylvania, roughly halfway between Ohio and DC.)

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