The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

Birthday Weekend, Part One

A month or so ago, Dawn sent out a mass email looking for people who wanted to go on a road trip with her to the Wilmette Theatre in Illinois to see their sing-along (with live cast) production of Little Shop of Horrors. Since we'd be driving out first thing on Friday morning, my wife Q and I couldn't both go – our son Richard had school so one of us had to be there. We both wanted to go; but after a brief discussion, I won. The fact that the trip was taking place on my birthday weekend was the trump card I played. There were a couple of other people who'd made plans to go with us; but in the last week they canceled, leaving only Dawn and me (and my overly-chatty GPS navigator). I left Friday morning to drive to Dawn's house, and we took her car the rest of the way. (Richard has only been to Dawn's house once; and when I told him where I was going, the only thing he remembered about it was her Spider-Man rug.)


The trip was long but pleasant. The weather was good, and Dawn and I had plenty of things to talk about. We took turns driving. It took an hour longer than we expected, since the GPS gave us the ETA in the Central Standard Time zone (which our destination was barely across the line into). We arrived in Merrillville, Indiana, just after 7 PM CST (8 PM EST, natch) and checked into a Red Roof Inn. Cheap, but functional; with free WiFi (which was unfortunately also very slow, which is why I couldn't upload the videos sooner). A couple of members of the local Rocky Horror cast Help Me Mommy met us for dinner. After eating and hanging out with them for a while, we went back to our room and to sleep. Saturday morning we drove to Wilmette, outside Chicago (and uncomfortably close to Wisconsin), to see Little Shop of Horrors (some members of Help Me Mommy also attended). I have hundreds of pictures, taken by both Dawn and myself, to go through; so I'll post the best of those with more commentary later. However, below the cut, are some videos I shot at the show and uploaded to YouTube:

Tags: car, geekery, holiday, pictures, plug, rocky horror, show tunes, superhero, video
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