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OK Go in Towson, MD

Last Saturday (28 January 2012) there was a free OK Go concert at the Recher Theater in Towson, MD. Tickets went to the first fifty people to respond to an email; and since Q was on their mailing list, she got two. (Richard spent the evening with cthulugrrl's kids.)

Just so we'd have something special to wear for the occasion, Q made custom OK Go t-shirts for me and herself – like we do – by chopping up various old t-shirts for material. (You'll note the "K" on my shirt is part of the owl from a Hooters shirt.) We had just recently gone through our vast collection of t-shirts to sort out the ones that were too old, torn, worn, stained, or big for us to wear anymore; so she had a lot of raw material to work with.

The concert was apparently sponsored by Walgreens, and there were Walgreens people there taking pictures and collecting email addresses in order to award "swag" to random people. Either they haven't picked the winners yet or we didn't win anything; but that's not a problem since the concert itself was already free (and we even found free parking).

The confetti gun was going off frequently during the show, and the stage was covered with the stuff. Occasionally a roadie with a snow blower would clear some of it away (off of the stage and into the crowd) so that the guitarists could find their foot pedals.

Oddly enough, it was only after the song played entirely on bells that my ears weren't ringing…

A couple of times, Damian (the lead singer) stepped off the stage and into the crowd, continuing to sing. At another point, they pulled someone (named Justin) out of the audience to play guitar with them for one of the songs. Q was quite disappointed that she wasn't chosen to do that.

The audience was quite openly and frequently taking pictures with their cameras and phones during the show. Not only did the band not mind; but near the end of the show, Damian pulled out a camera of his own and took a picture of the audience. He promised to post it on the band's Facebook page the next day, and he did. (Since I'm not on Facebook, Q had to get the picture and screencap for me.)

There I am, right up front, to the right of the guy in the Adidas shirt.

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