The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

  Yesterday, there was a reenactment of a small Civil War fracas not far from our house. (There were no major battles here; but Maryland was a Union state with a lot of Confederate sympathizers – and right on the border of the CSA – so some minor incidents here and there were inevitable.) Richard and I walked down there and spent part of the morning talking to the reenacters who had all of their equipment and camps set up. We even got drafted to drill with the rebels.

  We had to move back a safe distance (behind a chain link fence) when the battle happened in the afternoon (and lasted less than half an hour). The union troops were encamped, and the rebels crept up on them and attacked (but were ultimately driven off). Lots of blanks and black powder were fired.

  Johnny Reb and his men creeping up through the woods. I had to get right up to the fence to shoot through it, as were several other spectators.

  A couple of police were standing by, I assume in case the rebels decided to overthrow the government for real with their rifles that made loud noises but fired no projectiles at all. Anyway, I chatted with them a bit, and was amused by the bumper sticker inside their trunk. It looks like a trophy…

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