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2013 Artomatic, Getting Set Up

   Two years ago, when Artomatic was held in Frederick, MD; Q had about half of a room there to display her creations. Last year, Artomatic was held in Crystal City, VA (also with Q’s participation). This year, it’s back in Frederick and Q has a whole small room to herself… (The first few pictures in this post were already posted elsewhere in my LJ recently, but I’m posting them again here for context leading into the rest of this post.)

   This picture was taken a few weeks ago when we went to Frederick to select which area Q wanted to use for her artwork this year. One of the first things I wanted to check was whether or not the room we’d painted two years ago still looked like it had when we left it – and it did.

   The site used for Artomatic in Frederick is a former Board of Education building, which is no longer in use by the county. (I think it might even be for sale; if so, there haven’t been any takers yet.) For all I know, nobody had even looked at our old room between the last Artomatic two years ago and coming back for the one this year.

   Q chose a different room this year, however. More shelf space, and she also gets the wall to left to hang things on. (Originally, we were only going to get half of the room, but we arranged this weekend to expand into the other half as well after Q noticed that no one else had claimed it yet.) We don’t have time to customize the area to the extent we have in previous years; but since the ornamentation tended to distract people from the art on display and get more comments, that’s not a problem. We did wonder what would happen to whomever ended up with her old area…

   Well, we got our answer when we went back this weekend to begin our setup. On Saturday, whoever had taken that room had already put a layer of paint over the entire room. Clearly, that wasn’t enough (yet) to cover up all of our embellishments…

   The shelves had also been removed from the wall and discarded into the corridor.

   Ironically, while we were getting set up, someone came in and asked Q if she’d seen the latest Gorilla, a free magazine in Frederick. The latest issue (August-September) had an article about the upcoming Artomatic, and accompanied the article with a picture from the previous Artomatic in Frederick. Out of all of the pictures taken of all of the exhibits in that Artomatic, they chose a picture of Q’s area to go with the article (although they didn’t credit her anywhere). It’s a pity we didn’t still have the old area, since that article was literally free publicity; anybody looking for the area pictured in the article won’t find it. Still, quite the compliment.

   Richard and I went out for a walk to stay out of Q’s hair, and to try to find ourselves a copy (or three) of the Gorilla. We had to make our way around crowds and closed off streets, as there was some kind of old-timey bicycle race going on. We did find some, and I have both pages of the article if you want to read it.

   We went back again today, and Q’s old room is now completely covered by who knows how many layers of white paint. The person who took that room, and painted over the original designs, is also missing out on the free publicity from the Gorilla article. (You can see her feet there are she paints on yet another layer.) Q is planning to post the article in her room, with a note to the effect that the picture is from her previous exhibit.

   Q grabbed the shelves from her previous room out of the corridor (no one else wanted them), removed the pipe, bolted them together, and is turning them into a bench (with shelves underneath). She may not have time to repaint and pretty it up before Artomatic (probably not, in fact) but she plans to bring it home once Artomatic is over and fix it up then. The four pictures below were taken before we left this afternoon – Q estimates that she’s about 80% finished with her setup. We won’t be able to make it out the next two weekends, so in order to get everything else done before Artomatic opens to the public, we’ll have to make at least one weekday evening trip.

   Oh, and if you see anything you like, obviously it’s all for sale. That’s what art exhibits are for, after all, and we hope to at least make back what we paid to get the exhibit space in the first place and set it up. Q hasn’t set up her site yet with all of the pictures, their prices, and other info yet; but she will.
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