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More Flags, Less People

   This is the latest sequel in this series. It’s short, and sat in one of my folders for a while, because I was running out of subjects to shoot for this topic. The first three pictures have been waiting since June to be posted. Anyway, it’s a handful of pictures from Six Flags America without people, taken to show changes in the park, background scenes, and so forth.

   I noted previously that the slabs of concrete leading into the Looney Tunes area (with the names and faces of the Looney Tunes characters) had been removed and replaced with fresh, blank concrete slabs. Those slabs have subsequently been painted red and blue. Still no idea why the originals were removed; there’s no indication that Six Flags is ending the use of licensed characters in the Looney Tunes area like they did with Thomas Town.

   For whatever reason (technical difficulties?) there was an empty set of cars parked on the Roar roller coaster tracks one day back in June. The cars, being on top of one of the hills, could be seen from a few different parts of the park; but since it wasn’t on the main hill near the start of the ride, it was impossible to get up close to get a really good picture.

   This picture was taken from the parking lot as the new Bonzai Pipelines approached (or possibly achieved) completion. This path, normally closed off, is how the various construction equipment and parts for the Bonzai Pipeline were brought in. (I had a similar picture from earlier in the construction process, but the gates were not wide open then.)

   I took this while I was keeping an eye on the Renegade Rapids, watching for the boat with my family on it to approach the end of the ride. (I wasn’t dressed for a water ride, and also didn’t want to get my cmera wet – again.)

   Setup has begun for this year’s Fright Fest. Q has already signed up to work there again (where she’ll be and what she’ll be doing are TBD) and some announcements have been made about what the attractions will be. Apparently, having done so well last year, they’re getting a much bigger budget this year.

   This little pond in the Southwest Territory is looking a bit grotty. Apparently whatever filtration or circulation system which usually keeps it from getting overrun by algae has broken down or been shut off.
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