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Six Flags Fright Fest - Q's Pictures

   This is Q in her zombie makeup and costume at Six Flags America for their annual Fright Fest. She built a framework for the inside of her jacket to allow her to do the head drop illusion. (I got these pictures off of her phone; they were taken back in the employee area where all of the monsters were getting into costume and makeup in preparation for the evening festivities.)

   This picture shows her with the bloody gaping wound on the other cheek. They don’t always put the latex appliance on the same side every day, since the adhesive irritates her skin.

   And here, on the next day (these pictures were Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), she has both a different latex appliance and a different fake tattoo (drawn by me) on her head.

   The makeup is applied on a couple of people at a time inside one of the buildings in the (closed until next summer) water park portion of Six Flags. Photography is not allowed within this building, but here are some of the employees who’ve already been through the process, hanging around outside waiting until everyone is done and it’s time for the monsters to be set loose on the park. They are allowing performers to take pictures in costume and makeup for social media sites since it’s good for publicity, but they aren’t allowed to photograph everything. (They are not allowed to carry cameras while they work, for instance; so they are no more allowed to take pictures within certain attractions as the customers/audience are.)
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