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Coming to Six Flags America in 2014

   Every year something gets added to Six Flags America (and occasionally, other things get removed). In 2014, two new rides are being added to the Southwest Territory, and that whole section of park will also be getting a make-over with new names and theming. (Only the Wild One roller coaster will be allowed to keep its original name. Given that it’s 96 years old, I wonder if they’ll do anything when the Wild One turns 100 in 2017?)

   One of the new rides will be the Ragin’ Cajun; a spinning mouse-type coaster which is being relocated from the Six Flags Great America park near Chicago (sorry, j_brew) onto the site of the former Two-Face: The Flip Side roller coaster.

   Work progresses on clearing out the location where the Rajin’ Cajun is going to located. The first picture (of three) above was taken in the Spring, and shows the remains of the station for Two-Face: The Flip Side. The other two pictures were taken over the last few weeks, and show the last vestiges of the old coaster being removed.

   The other new ride coming to the upcoming Mardi Gras area is called the French Quarter Flyers. I do not know whether this is new construction, or another ride being relocated from another park (it’s not coming from Six Flags Great America, at least). It’s being set up on the site of the former rock climbing wall.

   The first picture (of two) above was taken in the Spring, while the climbing wall still stood. However, I don’t recall seeing anyone actually using the climbing wall in either 2012 or 2013; it has just stood there on a circular concrete slab like the gnomon on a giant sundial. I’m not sure when or why they stopped using it. The second picture shows the entrance, where people would stand in line waiting their turn to climb the wall. This structure is not within the Southwest Territory (soon to be Mardi Gras) area; so it’s likely that the entrance to the French Quarter Flyers will be on the other side of the slab.

   These two pictures were taken more recently, in the last few weeks, and show that the rock climbing wall has been removed (along with the gate which had surrounded it). The second picture shows, in the background, the old entrance structure.

   This building is obviously going to be repurposed with a Mardi Grad theme (under the name “Hurricane’s”) to sell food and/or drink. It wasn’t being used for much before; there were some tables on the outside (where you could sit to eat food bought at the nearby Subways concession stand), a couple of games on the inside (with a nearby ATM for convenience), and occasionally sponsors or advertisers from some company or another would set up there to demonstrate and hawk their products to passersby.

   This is a picture I took from above, atop the Tower of Doom (which will be known next year as the “Voodoo Drop”). In the lower right corner is where the French Quarter Flyers are going to be installed, and in the middle of the left side is where the Ragin’ Cajun will be found. Along the top of the picture are fenced-off employee only areas; the human resources building and the employee parking lot are off of the upper right of the picture. Employees coming into the park from the HR building or employee lot will usually enter the park through a gate in the fence just above the center of the picture.
   The Tower of Doom has three cars that are lifted to the top of the tower and dropped; but most of the time there is only one car in operation, and they almost never have all three going at once. As they all face in different directions, which car you ride determines which view you’ll get as you ride it. The most frequently used car faces into the park and gives a view of most of the roller coasters, the next most frequently used car faces the Hurricane Harbor water park. For the last two weeks, the third, rear car has been in use, allowing a glimpse into this part of the park where the new rides are going to be assembled.
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