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Six Flags Park Pictures

   The pictures above were posted on Six Flags America’s twitter feed (@SixFlagsDC) back in February and April, showing the construction work on the Bourbon Street Fireball. This is the only new ride that the park is getting this year. It’s basically a carnival ride – it’s not something new (like the Bonzai Pipelines) or stolen from another park (like the Ragin’ Cajun), but better than nothing.

   I took these on the second weekend of May, our first full-day visit to the park so far this year. It wasn’t open yet, but it was clearly getting there. In fact, it looked like the ride itself might have been finished, but construction still remained on the paths for people to line up to get on the ride, and then exit once they got off. (I also don’t see a control booth.) According to the twitter feed, the Bourbon Street Fireball opens this weekend (tomorrow); so we’ll be able to try it out when we go there again next weekend.

   Q noticed a path into the woods behind the Rodeo ride, and snapped a couple of pictures. We’ve just about photographed everything there is to see at this park by now, backstage and public.

   Can you find the big wooden roller coaster in this picture?

   The pool on one side of the bridge leading into the Coyote Creek area. The fountain is running and the water is clear; we’ve also seen it with the fountain shut off and frogs having moved in, as well as with the water dyed red for Fright Fest. In the background, you can catch a glimpse behind the façade of the Stunt Show area. (We haven’t seen this year’s show yet, Cowboys vs. Pirates.)

   Maneuvering for a better angle, here are a couple of backstage shots of the stunt show. You can see an employee coming out of the back of one of the buildings in the second shot. (I’ve tried to photograph the stunt show’s backstage area before, but I think these shots might be clearer as it’s still spring so the trees aren’t providing as much leafy cover as they will later in the year.)

   The other side of the Coyote Creek bridge. The koi are even bigger this year.
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