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Six Flags Trivia

   This post is carrying on my usual documenting of changes to the park, which are primarily done for my own benefit, but which (to the best of my knowledge) only one other person here cares about. So, if you’re not that person, feel free to move on… Although these are generally the only Six Flags pictures which I post publicly; because the other sets have my son in them and any pictures like that are friends-locked by default. So if you can’t see them, tough noogies.

   The carousel got a new paint job. All of the animals are bright and colorful and shiny. Some of the animals have normal animal colors (like the black and white zebra), but others are in all sorts of colors that nature never intended (like Amy’s hair).

   So, my wife and son were at the park on a weekday while I was at work; and they spent most of the day in the water park. They wanted to go to Crocodile Cal’s, but it was just … gone. It was there two or three weeks ago when they last went to the water park, but apparently Six Flags completely removed everything, filled in the whole area with dirt, and covered it with grass. Where there had been a big pool (the largest of the three pools meant primarily for children, or rather the children’s pool meant for the largest of the children) there was not what appeared to be an old vacant lot. They plan to build something undisclosed on that plot of land for next year; but unless they need to start construction on the new attraction now, that removal of the existing attraction was extremely abrupt.

   Behind the Hurricane Harbor (water park) first aid station you can see a dirt path around the circumference of the park for vehicles driven by park personnel, as well as a manhole cover and (not in the picture) a path into the woods.

   They’re already advertising Fright Fest, which begins in more than a month and will apparently have a bunch of new stuff. Boy, this summer is flying by.
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