August 12th, 2002

Allah Sulu-South Park

I have returned...

Well, I'm back. Nothing like a nice long three-day weekend to leave you totally exhausted and in need of a vacation when it's over -- ever notice that? Of course, the horrible traffic on the way home, the not getting to sleep until after midnight, and so one didn't help. But still, it was a fun weekend, so being tired and cranky at work was worth it.

The Pantheon just had a sort of Holy War, and I got a good number of votes for a newly-arrived in Asgard Neo Deo (Yes, I'm proud of the term I coined, can you tell?) I even beat the original Allah (no relation) -- now if only I could get all of his followers, beat them over the head with a rather large clue stick, and get them onto a spherical Earth in the 21st Century. My first decrees to them would probably be about tolerance, equality for females, and the proper usages of soap and toilet paper.

I'm slowly building up my friends list (don't want to be overwhelmed) and joining some more communities -- so far, Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment. Perhaps I'll check out anime fans next. I get good responses when I post to other communities and journal pages; pity that almost no one posts to my page. Well, if I'm only going to have one fan, I suppose I can't complain if it's the large-breasted goddess of beer!! hugs