August 14th, 2002

Allah Sulu-South Park

A Day In The Life

I'd rather not repeat myself too much, so read this thread over in the Pantheon. Yes, it's time to seriously consider asking my girlfriend the question. Big step. Scary. Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb.

'Tis a slow day at work. Yes, I hold down a job, must maintain a secret identity to walk amongst the mortals. So I'm watching anime on my PC. Just finished Majou Tsukai Tai! (Magic Users Club) -- it's OK (the OAVs, that is) but I'm currently downloading (rather slowly) Full Metal Panic. Half a dozen episodes so far, and I'm really enjoying this one.

There's a Rocky Horror Convention [DETAILS] coming up in a couple of months, and this one's on the East Coast within road trip distance. It's been too long since my last con appearance, I mean to attend this one. Party on, dudes.

Allah Sulu-South Park

Doctrine 101 (continued)

God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts...

What sort of followers do I want? Granted, they're not knocking my door down and swarming over me to apply yet; but still, the question is an important one. First of all, I believe in helping those people who help themselves. Why? Because it's much easier for me if they're doing part of the work. Don't pray to me that you win millions in the lottery if you're not actually buying tickets. Sheesh.

Second, no rabid fanboys allowed. If the only way you can prove your devotion to your god is to set the followers of other gods on fire, I strongly suggest that you consider atheism. But NOT be a "fundie atheist", the type of atheist who mimics all of the qualities he hates in religious people: Do not assume that your belief system is the only correct and rational belief system and mock/persecute those who don't subscribe to it. Do not browbeat or attempt to convert others to atheism. Just keep it in your pants. Remember, if you start a holy war with my followers, who's going to smite them while I'm smiting you?

Allah Sulu-South Park

Holy Stoli!

So, I'm a god -- what am I the god of? I've already met Bacchus_dot_com (Greek god of wine) and Ninkasi_dot_com (Sumerian goddess of beer) in the Pantheon, so I've taken it upon myself to declare myself the god of vodka (I considered grabbing dominion over all hard liquors, but saw no reason to get greedy -- I'll let someone else grab run, tequila, and so on.) It'sh a tough job *HIC!* but shomeone'sh gotta do it...

Is there a god of transvestites yet?