August 16th, 2002

Allah Sulu-South Park

Here's looking at you, kids

I made a new wave of friends this week; through cmndrcuddles I met and added to my list serzy, purplefreak, and thetaet. Welcome!

I still haven't found a good anime community I want to join -- some of them are too otaku(fanboy)-ish, and/or discuss gobs of shows I haven't seen. I've just dropped the shocktreatment community, because it doesn't look active.

Other than that, it's FRIDAY! Woohoo! Thank the gods it's Friday!

Allah Sulu-South Park

Grand Old Flag

I threw together another user image, playing on my name. Granted, this may make people confuse me with the other Allah, or allah_dot_com, or even a certain Japanese Starfleet helmsman; but that can't be helped. (Just for the record, when my godhood was achieved and my new divine name was bestowed upon me, neither of the above entities were the inspiration. "Allah Sulu" is just how it came out.)