August 26th, 2002

Allah Sulu-South Park

Allahsulumon - Gotta Catch 'Em All!

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Date Created:2002-08-07
Number of Posts: 375

Allah Sulu is a Neo Deo (new god), a mortal who achieved godhood by means of a ritual called Carpe Diety. He is the God of Vodka, with a minor in sarcasm and pedantics. He likes Sci-fi, Anime, Rocky Horror, sex, long walks on the beach...
Strengths: Iron stomach, titanium liver, smart ass, and absolutely no sense of shame.
Weaknesses: Hooters. Hooters. Hooters.
Special Skills: Changes form when he gets wet, never forgets anything useless, master of nasal sex, drives fast enough to cause Doppler shift.
Weapons: Vast supply of razor-sharp CDs and DVDs, extra W's in case the Democrats get to his keyboard, infinite vodka, and trained combat wombats.
Motto: I recommend vodka.

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Allah Sulu-South Park

Just Another Manic Monday

Good God! (Or, should I say, Good Me!) Don't expect much writing here from me on a Monday morning, since it'll take forever just to get caught up reading and writing in all of your journals...