September 2nd, 2002

Allah Sulu-South Park

Great Boo's Up, Edmund!

Good thing I don't get hungover -- a trait I had (mostly) even when I was a mortal. Big party last night, lots of friends, lots of drinks... Heh heh. I wonder how a couple of people are feeling this morning, though...

And today is Monday, Labor Day in the US of A. No workee for me, and no plans either. Might I actually be able to relax, take it easy, and sit around on my divine butt for a while? Maybe... W00t!

Caffeine, 'tis truly 'tis a gift from the gods, 'tis 'tis. I should ask around at pantheon_dot_co and see Who is responsible for it so I can thank Them; if indeedy a deity for caffeine there be.

I don't know why -- short answer: "whim" -- I've been using odd grammar and grampar today... I wonder what Babelfish would make of this...