September 6th, 2002

Allah Sulu-South Park

The Sound of Silence

I didn't have much to say today because work was kind of busy (thus responding nicely to a statement I made in this thread in crackerbob's journal). And now, I'm back from dinner with my girlfriend. We had several different cuts of steak and beef, pork, ham, bacon, lamb, duck, chicken, turkey, salmon, whitefish, clams, shrimp -- I may be forgetting some. Ah well. And she still had room for dessert. I think I need to ask for a raise. Later -- right now I'm full and half asleep.

Tomorrow I have a friend's birthday party to go to, I won't be on much then either (except maybe in the early afternoon). So you'll all have to manage to get by without me -- which shouldn't be too difficult; it's not like I'm in charge of moving the sun (like apollo_dot_com) or poncing about hourly in leather (like you_know_who_dot_com). So try to keep the wailing and the gnashing of teeth to a minimum. I'll leave behind plenty of vodka; drink enough, and you can hallucinate that I'm among you even when I'm not.

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