September 9th, 2002

Allah Sulu-South Park

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

Just taking a few minutes to clarify something. I am a Neo Deo, a "New God", but some people aren't sure exactly what that entails. They see me making a typo and suddenly it's a metaphysical crisis -- You can't be a god! You're not perfect! Huh. Anyone who thinks infallibility is a requirement for godhood hasn't spent any time in pantheon_dot_co... Or, for that matter, in the real world.

It would certainly be nice to be all-seeing (especially at the beach! Yowza!) and all-knowing (biblically or not) -- but I can't give you winning lottery numbers or predict the future. That's not my shtick -- I'm not a Cleo Deo. I'm still working on my powers and abilities and such, but that one's no where near my bailiwick -- if anything, the God of Vodka should be known for confusion, forgetfulness, and general blurriness. This much should be obvious from my writings.

What else should people not expect from me? I was born in March, so I'm not a Leo Deo. I'm shopping for ring for my girlfriend, so I'm no longer an O Solo Mio Deo (and I'm not likely to be a Trio Deo again once I'm monogamously entwined either). Though my humor may be earthy, I'm no Geo Deo (I don't drive a Chevy, either); though I may seem all wet at times, I'm no Rio Deo either (though I do own a Duran Duran CD).

Does that clear things up? Have another drink.

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