October 12th, 2002

Allah Sulu-South Park

If I Can Make It There, I'll ... Oops, I Mean "Viva!"

What US city are you?

Congratulations, you're Las Vegas, Sin City.
The jewel of the desert, this glittering neon city of greed was first settled by Mormons in 1855. Famous for its casinos above all else, this city's life revolves around the strip and downtown. Home to wedding chapels, an Elvis museum and a Liberace museum; there is no shortage of things to do in addition to gambling. Just outside the glitz and noise is some of the most beautiful land in the states. Rich with wildlife and dramatic scenery, even nature here is bright and outrageous.

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Allah Sulu-South Park

My Brain Hurts

I woke up this morning feeling like total crap. Must be an anti-hangover, because I had nothing to drink last night (I had to drive my friend around because his wife trashed their car. No, I hadn't given her any vodka beforehand). It's past noon, so it's not too early to start treating myself with the hair of the dog that failed to bite me...