December 13th, 2002

Allah Sulu-South Park

You Got Your Chocolate In My Peanut Butter!

I found this idea in midnightmadness' journal. Go to a random friend's bio (I just grabbed the first few on my friends view), take four common interests in order (I suppose you could take the first four or the last four; I just spun my mouse with my eyes closed), and imagine an evening with them including just those four things. Post results. Hilarity ensues.

wintercolours - moon, motorcycles, my little pony (!!!), neil diamond
OK, I'm picturing My Little Pony on a motorcycle, mooning Neil Diamond.

threegoldfish - fishnet stockings, geeks, gerbils, ghosts
OK, I'm picturing geeks in fishnets doing something with gerbils, which kills them. Poor Lemmiwinks!!

purplefreak - geeks, laughing, licking, music
I think that one's fairly obvious. The lights are low, romantic music is on the stereo, and purplefreak is licking a bunch of naked geeks as they debate Kirk vs. Picard.

redheadevilchiq - nekkid men, not having a period, oral sex, orgasms
Do I need to say anything?

kyrene - star trek, swords, tarot, tenjou utena
Utena vs. Picard! Baldy is going down!

thetaet - vivaldi, vladimir putin, vodka, wackylacing
OK, Lori's put on the Vivaldi CD, the lights are low, she and Vladimir Putin are getting nicely buzzed, and then they .. well, have some hot nekkid wackylacing, whatever that is.