December 17th, 2002

Captain Obvious

"Geek!" -Socrates, to Sigmund Freud

New Buffy tonight, and The Two Towers tomorrow. w00t! And, if I'm feeling charitable, I may give Star Trek: Nemesis a chance, too (but I can't say I'm very enthusiastic about that one).
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Allah Sulu-South Park

...Or Maybe Tonight?

I was just looking through theater listings, and I found a theater showing The Two Towers tonight at 11:59 (IN YOUR FACE to all the people who have to wait until 12:01 tomorrow morning!!!) Of course, they may already be sold out, or there may be a long line of the lifeless camped out in front of the theater. Still, if at all possible, Belle will definitely want to catch this show. (If so, I'll go too, and be dead at work tomorrow before seeing it again.)

Addendum: I got tickets, but I can't join the line in the lobby until Belle gets out of work. We may get crappy seats, but we'll be there!

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