January 17th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

You Say It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday cargoddess!

If she worked the day shift instead of the night shift, I could have dropped by her workplace and sexually harassed wished her an early happy birthday yesterday! (This would have also put her on the small l33t list of people who've met me...)

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Allah Sulu-South Park

Would You Like Friday With That?

As you may already have read, the snow (scant as it was) predicted for our region didn't really materialize. That didn't stop people from staying home from work anyway, mind you... It's rather quiet here, which is nice. Pity I didn't think to bring in a DVD to watch on company time. But there's still this.

With any luck, people will stay huddled in their homes all day, afraid of the strange alien White Stuff From The Sky, and not get in my way tonight on the way home, or at the cinema ... We're planning to go see Chicago tonight. No major exciting plans for the rest of the weekend. I'll probably pick up the fourth Excel Saga DVD that just came out tomorrow, while Belle's at work. Or maybe just cruise down to DC and try to stalk bouncepogo...

Anyone else doing anything interesting this weekend?