January 18th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

My Kinda Town, Chicago Is...

(2mermaids asked me about this in response to one of my other posts; but I was writing so much about it that I figured I'd make it a top-level post for everyone...)

Belle and I went to see Chicago last night, and we enjoyed it a lot, especially the musical numbers. It's amazing how many songs in it are well-known; I knew most of them (even if I didn't always know they were from "Chicago" - I remembered "Mr. Cellophane" from Ben Vereen's appearance on "The Muppet Show"). Before Belle went to work today, we went to Sam Goody to get the soundtrack and an anime DVD for me; we ended up getting the movie soundtrack and and soundtrack from the Broadway revival in the 90s (with Bebe Neuwirth [Frasier's ex-wife Lilith] and Joel Grey). The movie CD also has "an all-star hip-hop rendition of "CELL BLOCK TANGO (HE HAD IT COMIN')" inspired by the motion picture" by Queen Latifah and L'il Kim featuring Macy Grey ... I'm very afraid.

The choreography and production of the musical numbers were incredible. Someone was channeling Bob Fosse. (And not only were the songs themselves incredible, but also the way they cut back and forth between what was "really happening" and what was happening in the "alternate dimension of show tunes" as I called it.) We're definitely getting this on DVD when it comes out.

The casting was kind of odd. Richard Gere's presence was a little scary (we could almost hear Lemmiwinks in his rectum singing back-up). Queen Latifah was very good. Of the two female leads, Catherine Zeta-Jones was excellent, but Renée Zellweger's singing sometimes left something to be desired. (And Belle was grinding her teeth at some audio glitches in the movie; the theater we were at was using digital projection, and they apparently didn't do a very good job transferring the film to digital. I just think it's odd that the digital presentation still has the reel change marks in it.)

The story takes place in Chicago during Prohibition, I believe, and it mainly about female murderers (murderers who are female, not murderers of females) in prison. Richard Gere is the dishonest lawyer manipulating the press and court to get them off.

Overall, highly recommended (are you listening, tyler1968? See it!)

Allah Sulu-South Park

The Pendulum Is The Pits

fnord Right after seeing an incredible movie, that shows you Hollywood still has some very creative and talented people, someome sends you a link about another movie in the works...

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fnord I suppose this is like how, when all of his other movies were flopping, Eddie Murphy suddenly went back to his roots by doing another Beverly Hills Cop and 48 Hours movie in the same year. Come to think of it, after Pluto Nash, I guess we should be expecting Beverly Hills Cop IV and 48 Hours III next year, right?

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