February 7th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

In The Morning, In The Evening, Ain't We Got Snow!

Here's a nice, consolidated entry. First, a comic for today:

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Second, a little story:

        I love drink names. Some of them are funny, even if the drinks themselves are common or even disgusting. For a while, when I was dating Lucifer Himself (in the guise of a redheaded chick), my favorite drink was the Suffering Bastard. I used to order that whenever we went out anywhere, especially in large groups. Then, when the waiter arrived with the drinks and asked "Who's the Suffering Bastard?" I'd sigh and say "That would be me!"

And third, a quick fill-in-the-blank poll. Judging by look, taste, potency, any associated rituals, and, of course, the name itself...

Poll #99850 Drinky-Winky

What's the name of a cool drink?

(Feel free to provide explanations in the comments.)

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Allah Sulu-South Park

Ten Foot Poll

...And speaking of polls, here's the results from a few previous ones.

With 48.6% of the vote, the best icon on my friends list is utenasama's perplexed and almost blind Bubbles.

According to my poll on the ljover30 community, 43.4% of you will never attend a high school reunion and plan to forget the "happiest years of your life". w00t!

In my favorite color poll, "blue" was the big winner (followed by "breast") with orange in dead last (after "pain" and "monkey").

And finally, 56.4% of you correctly guessed that my middle name is Underscore.

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Allah Sulu-South Park

Glutton for Punishment

Once again, my friends list is at 100. As always, subject to frequent change... I read other people's who aren't on it as well, and rotate them in and out (here's your chance to make a horndog comment, serzy) at times. I'd consider adding seth_dot_com, but I think I've reached maximum Seth density (which doesn't take many, since Seths tend to be pretty dense bastards).
Allah Sulu-South Park


This is for ducttapeavenger, a friend of many of us, who will shortly be shipping out to the Middle East. Regardless of the wide range of opinions regarding the issues themselves, we all wish for the best for him and his colleagues. However, if you like the French, you may not want to view Collapse )

Disclaimer: These opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of all drunk people since the French get drunk, too...

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