April 9th, 2003


Power To The People

What is it with me and electricity? When we drove three hours to a special Rocky Horror last weekend (reference), we had to wait for the power to come back on before the show could start. I got in to work this morning to a darkened building (but they didn't want to send us home) and the power didn't come on here until almost 11.
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Allah Sulu-South Park

Who Can Take Tomorrow...?

From this poll, here are some more answers:

2mermaids -- No, questions, but I do like your new icon.:O)
Thank you!

aphrodite_76 -- When are you going to come visit?
Are you still squirtin'?

bouncepogo -- Did you [question obscured]? If so, I bow down before you...
Start bowing!

careyonly -- So, like, your sorta famous, aren't you? :D
I'm well-known in certain circles, and the occasional rectangle.

masteremerald -- Did you even know that I read your journal?
I tend to miss small details. And large ones as well, as a matter of fact. Who am I?

ninkasi_dot_com -- [question obscured]
Someday the stars will be right.

scixual -- I like a shorn scrotum...
They're a bloody pain to shear, though.

purplefreak -- will you ever call me again?

utenasama -- Yes, I want to share this link with you ... http://psi.ellicit.org/cup/
I wouldn't put anything heavy on that cup holder, but it supports a shot glass easily...

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