May 11th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

Bac*hic*elor Party

(This is a story I just related in someone else's LJ, while we were on the topic of bachelor parties. I figured I'd put it here as well.)

I'm sure Jim (my best man) will want to exact some kind of revenge on me. When I was Jim's best man, his wife gave me specific instructions: "Get Jim so drunk he's sick the next morning. If he isn't puking the next morning, you've failed." Well, he was sick the next morning. I succeeded in my mission! He was so drunk he was hanging from a beam in this hick bar making monkey noises at one point...

He tried to exact revenge on me at the wedding reception -- he took the bartender aside, pointed to me, and said "No matter what that man orders, make it double strength." (I didn't find out about this until later.) So, all evening, I was drinking double-strength drinks -- sixteen in all, if I remember correctly. But I have the stomach and liver of a Vodka God; I never got sick, fell over, or passed out.

Of course, the funny part is that I, being a nice guy, always offered to pick up drinks for other people as long as I was headed for the bar. So any drink I picked up for someone else was also double strength. There were a lot of drunk people there!

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Allah Sulu-South Park

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Happy Mother's Day!

Today is dedicated to all of the biological, adoptive, and mothers by marriage. To mothers-to-be and foster mothers. And even to Shaft. They say he's a mean mother--

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