June 6th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

A Poem About Toronto, Apparently

I ran Rob's Amazing Poem Generator on my friends page,
and this was the result:

I online. Damn! Means
more urgency in the shadows and 2.
I do exactly nothing yet, turned
on this userf_feed
1:05a Lessons
Learned for amusement. So and the kids in
Toronto a list
of the night to Toronto a
20 Pirate, cupcake, 21 A couple
of my grandmother
has to Toronto a
great for field
trip beach and crochet and the
Allah Sulu-South Park

Lunchie-Munchies, Hmmm

Lunch involved some bacon. Yum.

I also found out, when I stopped by CVS (I tend to take long walks for lunch when the weather is good, and then eat my lunch at my desk), that they've finally gotten some generic-brand Claritin ... I used to have a prescription to it, and it's nice to see the price back in the area I used to pay.