June 25th, 2003



A lot of people (and I'm one of them) get really annoyed by people celebrating their "one week anniversary" or "two month anniversary" -- Anniversary means year, people! The last time this subject came up, earlier this year (I think in thequestionclub), I coined a term for commemorating the months that pass after an event -- luniversary. With that in mind, today is my first wedding luniversary.
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    At ACME Luniversary we earn our toon degree...
Allah Sulu-South Park

Someone showed me this quote

"when life hands you lemons, head down the hall, hide in the closet of your enemy, wait until they get a papercut, then leap out shouting BANZAI and crush the lemon in your hand right over the papercut. Save the peel. Go downstairs to the bar. Order a vodka. Use the peel. Yum!" -James Lileks