July 15th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

Random Bits

  1. I've still never seen Moulin Rouge, and a few more people have told me that I need to -- people whose opinions (and, in the case of </a></b></a>lothar, fists and feet) carry a bit of weight. It's been bumped a little higher on my priority queue.

  2. I still haven't seen Hulk, T3, or LXG -- reviews and word-of-mouth have all been mixed, at best -- but last night we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone has good things to say about this, and they're all right. Not a spoiler: When Sparrow was going on and on about "The rum is gone! Why is the rum all gone?" my wife was pointing at me and giggling...

  3. Eddie Murphy in The Haunted Mansion? What's next after that, It's A Small, Small, Small, Small, Small World? ("The money's hidden under a big mouse, I tell ya!")

  4. Some people asked about my weekend. Nothing too exciting; we mainly went to this con to drink, relax, and unwind; not to do anything overly complex and strenous (unlike, say, what we usually do around a captive audience). I'll upload a picture of me as a pirateboyeee later...

  5. I did miss my Rocky Horror peeps and I understand some of them claim to have missed me -- I'll see them all next weekend, just before I take another weekend off to drive to North Carolina with thetaet

  6. Work is getting busier. I'll probably need to get a Pentagon building pass again. I wonder if that means I need another background check, or if the last one is still good...

  7. Blevito.