August 7th, 2003


You Say It's Your Birthday! It's My Birthday Too, Yeah!

branwynelf just commented that today is her (and eudaimonia's) one-year anniversary on LJ. I knew mine was coming up sometime soon, so I checked my userinfo page ... Today is also the first anniversary of the creation of allah_sulu, my arrival on LJ! Who'd-a thunk? So, where are my freaking presents?

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Damn, I got me a big mouth. That's a lot of comments.

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    Happy Birthday To You, You Live In A Zoo...


Collapse ) Looks like there are still more interesting times afoot for California. We all know that "May you live in interesting times" is not a blessing. Still, I can't help but wonder who else is getting on the ballot (Gary Coleman? Gallagher?!?) and what's going to happen next... Hell, if I lived in California, I might run for governor, too. It wouldn't be my first time...