August 20th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

It's That Time Again, Kiddies!

Poll #170530 Just answer the questions, Chester

Change... good. Otherwise we stagnate.
26(54.2%) bad. Things always get worse.
2(4.2%) what I get paid. My job sucks.
...happens to other people. God, I'm bored.
5(10.4%) relative. I wish I could change my relatives.

Pick one:

The Other

Who or what do I really need to assimilate?

Imitate a frog.


Yes, I Pahk The Cah In The Yahd

For those who don't know, or haven't heard me speak, I am originally from Rhode Island (though I moved out in 1991) and still bear traces of the accent. So, when I was shown the following story in today's newspaper, I couldn't help but snicker. Or is that "snicka"?

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Allah Sulu-South Park

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Last week, during a meeting, an Army major told me that I wasn't allowed to be funnier than he was. I told him that I had no way to respond to that without being in violation of his command.

Today, I saw a Canadian guy in a white shirt, with EH? on it in big red letters. He must be the God of Molson.