September 8th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

Generic Weekend Stuff

  1. This weekend I played Rocky (Friday) and Doctor Scott (Saturday) at The Rocky Horror Picture Show (although I hijacked the part of Janet for a bit on Friday). Lisa wants to take a break from Eddie, so I'll be playing a bit of that for the next month or so -- that'll make seven out of ten parts played in Fairfax...
  2. Moulin Rouge melted my brain in a variety of ways, some of which were enjoyable.
  3. Much more enjoyable was watching Gilda Radner singing Gilbert and Sullivan with a seven foot tall carrot. (I bought Q another Muppet Show DVD. Two, actually; but the second hasn't arrived yet.)
  4. I've already started spending money at the local Halloween shop. I'm sure I'll give them more over the next two months.
  5. I still don't like IHOP.