September 18th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

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I'm at work today, but a lot of other people are apparently hunkered down at home, afraid of the evil weather gods or something. Less traffic for me to deal with.

Major [Name Withheld] cancelled the meeting that was supposed to be held here this morning. You'd think the military wouldn't be such wusses. If the area gets flooded, they could just hitch a ride back with the Navy officers...

Allah Sulu-South Park

Who Needs Milk And Bread Anyway?

I can understand if you're worried about being snowed in, but what kind of moron logic justifies stocking up on perishables when the main threat is loss of electricity (as in, refrigeration)?

I just bought more vodka. And performed what is probably my second miracle this year.

As I walked up to the counter to pay, the power went out. I cried out, "Oh, no! Not before I buy my vodka! The power will come back on right now!" And it did.

I may not be the most powerful god in the </a></b></a>pantheon (I think that title goes to him), but you do not want to get between me and my vodka.

Intermittent rain and wind. Some big branches down, but no trees yet. I'd be disappointed with Isabelle so far, if I wasn't having so much fun watching the local mortals panic.