December 10th, 2003



It's that time of year, and one hears on the radio all sorts of big plans for New Year's Eve parties. I'm pleased to hear these plans referred to as Big Night Baltimore -- it always cheesed me off to hear New Year's Eve, December 31st, the last night of the year, referred to as "First Night." For those of you in other cities celebrating "First Night" on the night of December 31st -- you're 24 hours early, and the Vodka God will be smiting you with extra hangovers on First Morning...
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By Your Command

So, for those who watched it -- how was the Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica miniseries? Is it something I should get my hands on?

I haven't watched TV since May, and don't even have cable anymore; but I assume I'll be able to buy (it'll probably be released on DVD like Sci Fi's Dune miniseries were), borrow (I'm sure someone I know taped it), or steal (I'll bet it's already being shared online somewhere) it...

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