December 19th, 2003



The project that I've been so busy with at work for the last few weeks is over (for now). We just sent out the beta version of the software, and draft versions of the manuals. Now it's up to the clients to figure out that they really wanted it done a different way after all, and get back to us with changes to do next month. No more late nights and Sundays in the office, or reading/proofreading documents on the Metro, for a while... w00t!

And, the bad news... My wife woke me up at 3 this morning because she'd discovered that one of our ferrets (Moe) died in his sleep. This was pretty sudden -- we knew he was getting old, but he was still active and enjoying the treats I gave him just yesterday. At least it looked like it was quick and painless, unlike the last time a few years ago...

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