December 20th, 2003

Allah Sulu-South Park

Where I Am Now

Sitting in a Saturn dealership in the mispronounced town of Bowie, Maryland. Between work and a host of other distractions, I've been unable to get my car to its 48k mile servicing sooner. (The guy ahead of me in line had a car two years older than mine, with less mileage. Heh.) It's pretty busy here, so I've been here almost two hours. Finally managed to nab one of the two internet-connected computers after the person using it got up. (She was reading the Washington Post's web page -- despite the fact that the Post and a few other papers are sitting around in waiting area.)

Anyway, I'm just bored, but figured I'd should post something, since I've been posting a lot less than usual the last few weeks. And I'm bored. And I turned down an invite to see Return of the King for a third time to be here. So, umm, blah blah blah, and remind me next time I have time to post to also have some content to post. Thankyou, thankyouverramuch.

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