December 22nd, 2003



Saturday night (Sunday morning) at IHOP after Rocky Horror, one of our castmembers (a gay man) was complaining about metrosexuals. He said that they were unfair -- the type of guy that gay men are attracted to, except that they aren't gay. I told him that men had been making similar complaints for years about "lipstick lesbians" -- women who look, dress, and act feminine, the type of women that straight men are attracted to (as opposed to some of the other lesbian stereotypes) but who have no interest in men. Another castmember (bisexual female) chimed in that she liked lipstick lesbians, because when she wants masculine, she can date a guy.

It was an interesting conversation. Of course, some people in the cast have gone without sex for so long that they've become retro-sexual. And that, children, is the new word for today. You read it here first.

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Poing! Huh? Poing! Huh? Poing! Huh?

"Hey, everyone, I'm Allah Sulu! Howdy howdy howdy!"

This is my wife holding our ferret Oscar, who's been assimilated with a little Santa hat and angel wings. (He's not allowed doobies, and "HUH?" is already one of the five words in a ferret's vocabulary.) She also wants to Collapse )!

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