January 22nd, 2004

Allah Sulu-South Park

Let's Get Pissed!

I first did this a year ago, here's the updated version...

The </a></a> Livejournal Drinking Game!</b>

Take a shot every time...

  • Someone mentions bacon (double if it's not cmndrcuddles or lots42) or Putin (double if it's not thetaet).
  • Someone lusts for any celebrity or fictional character, double if it's a Lord of the Rings actor/character, triple if they actually write slashy fanfic.
  • Someone posts a quiz result (double if they neglect to put it behind an <lj-cut> tag)
  • Someone on your friends list flirts with another member of your friends list (double if they're the same sex, or they're flirting with you).
  • Someone posts a picture with nudity, or uses an icon with nudity. Take two shots if they're using nude pictures of themselves. Finish the bottle if they're using nude pictures of you.
  • Someone posts a long political rant (double if you completely agree or disagree with every single point)
  • A flame war/pissing contest erupts in your journal, double if you stay completely out of it, triple if you're the one who inadvertently started it.
  • You are able to add to a pun cascade (this may require a particularly strong constitution for some of you).
  • It takes you more than one attempt to log in or post a comment -- take a shot for each additional attempt. Finish the bottle if you lose your post and have to re-write it.
  • You inadvertently post the same comment more than once -- take a shot for each additional time it was posted. Take another shot if you don't bother deleting the duplicates.
  • Any time someone responds to a post or comment of yours that's at least a month old, two shots if it's at least six months old, finish the bottle if it's over a year old.

Any other suggestions? Feel free to link to this in your LJ, and to use this while reading your own list!

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