January 23rd, 2004



I haven't watched TV since last spring. It wasn't so much a conscious decision to give it up as a general lack of interest. For a while, there were only three shows that I was watching. I pretty much stopped watching TV altogether around the time Buffy went off the air. We don't even have cable anymore.

In addition to the fact that just about everything on TV is complete and utter crap, the main reasons I haven't bothered watching TV since then are that I was sick of having to schedule my activities around TV (Must be home when my show is on! Can't go out on a Buffy night!) and I was sick of the endless commercials... (I'd already long since abandoned watching edited-for-TV movies, since the editing was always horrible -- and even when they dub over the swears, I can still read lips.)

Now I watch what I watch when I want to watch it. I have a vast and growing collection of videos and DVDs, and so does my wife, so there's always something to watch (plus we get free rentals now!) We've got DSL, so I can download South Park (one of the shows I do miss, and I've got to catch up) and other shows if need be. I can always pause or rewind everything that I watch. I also spend less time vegetating in front of the television, and more time doing interactive things (writing online, for instance) and reading. I don't miss TV dreck at all.

But the biggest thing I'm glad to be rid of are the commercials. I don't miss commercials at all. I love being able to watch things without being constantly interrupted by commercials. Yessireebob, there's nothing like being commercial free.

Which is why it's strange that I'm actually going to be tempted to watch TV in a couple of weeks -- I haven't been tempted at all in several months, but now I'm feeling a definite urged to actually tune in to a television broadcast.

The Superbowl. For the commercials.