February 23rd, 2004


We All Float Down Here, Georgie

One of the interesting things about the past couple of weeks is how many times I found myself floating in a variety of boats. During our couple of days at Disney (Magic Kingdom and EPCOT) we were on a ferry and a number of boat rides (Pirates of the Carribean, Splash Mountain, etc.) While visiting my sister, we borrowed my nephew's canoe and kayak. We went out into the swamp on an airboat to taunt the alligators, and soaked each other on bumperboats at an amusement park in Fort Lauderdale. We even went out to sea on a cruise ship.

There may be others I've forgotten.

We hadn't planned to add a nautical flavor to our vacation/honeymoon, it just happened that way. After a while, I just happened to notice all of the boats we'd been on, and still planned to take...
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