March 2nd, 2004

Allah Sulu-South Park

Everything I Needed To Know But Was Too Drunk To Ask

While I was away, I created a poll here, asking if there was anything I needed to know. Among the answers:

allah_sulu -- Stop wasting honeymoon time on livejournal.
eeyorelr2 -- I'm glad your back ;) Well, actually, I wasn't, yet...
forkintheroad -- I'm still alive. Make sure you stay that way, kiddo!!
gwiii -- Yes. Thanks, Jim, I can always count on you! Up to 21, at least...
j_brew -- Nope I just posted the normal random crap. And you didn't think I missed that?
kdr1230 -- I heard you discovered pants. No, that was </a></b></a>whizbang69.
pirategirleee -- 42 (nuff said) "69, dude!!"
ranorris -- It's good to hear from you again. Thanks. Hope you told Lisa I wasn't back yet.
unhappymeal -- You need to inform me of what a "frama" is. OK, but we'll have to get frunk first.
vegaseddie -- nope. I guess you need to work that out with Jim.
yermie -- This box is too small to contain all the things you need to know. Use a smaller font.

I'll respond to more later. Some may be unattributed.


Tempus Bloody Fugit

Where I was a year ago today: Sick.

"Belle" is the code word I was using for my then-fiancee hat_madigan, because back then I was still maintaining a "secret identity". For those who don't know, I had originally resisted getting on livejournal for some time -- I finally acquiesced for two reasons:

  1. pantheon_dot_co looked like fun (and it was, then).
  2. Fucking with my friends was definitely fun.

For several months I was on livejournal as allah_sulu, on the friends lists of people who knew me, and they never figured out that allah_sulu was me. *evil laughter*

After I "unmasked" myself last year on April Fool's Day, I stayed around because I'd made a number of new friends; and eventually, a large number of my RL friends also got onto LJ (many with codes provided by yours truly).

I should have done this meme tomorrow. I posted more interesting stuff on March 3rd, 2003...

Allah Sulu-South Park

We kept shooting at her anyway...

One place that Q and I went to, while in Fort Lauderdale, was Boomers!, a place with a roller coaster, mini golf, go-karts, bumper boats, an arcade, and so on. They had a special on Tuesdays and Thursday to get unlimited use of all of the above (except the coaster) all day for one price. We did a little of everything, and spent some time in the arcade, where all of the games were set on "Free Play". We discovered that there's an arcade game based on Star Trek: Voyager, and we played it through to the end. Biggest disappointment -- you actually get penalized if you shoot Janeway (or any of the other crewmembers)!