March 22nd, 2004

Rocky Horror

It Just Keeps Getting Funnier

Most large communities or organizations have their own traditions and urban legends. The Rocky Horror Picture Show fandom is no exception -- for many years there was speculation on who the singer (never attributed) was who sang for Rocky in the movie's stereo remix; some people still believe (erroneously) that it was David Bowie. Probably the biggest urban legend among the fans, or at least the on-line segment, is the "Infamous Brad-Riff Buttfuck Scene".

Rocky Horror was released on celluloid in a few different versions (first with mono, then with a stereo soundtrack; with or without the song "Superheroes" at the end), and there is additional footage (including a whole other song, "Once In A While") which were never seen until they were included on special home video releases (their first appearance was on laserdisc; it wasn't until years later that they appeared on DVD and videotape -- at least in America). Many years ago, someone on the Rocky Horror newsgroup made an offhand reference to another cut scene, a scene where Riff Raff has sex with Brad Majors. He meant it as a joke, but some people believed him.

Ever since then, some people have found references to it and thought that it was a real, albeit incredibly rare, scene. Some fans played along by embellishing the legend with details of the scene (such as its placement in the movie, the reasons for its deletion, etc.) and claimed to have actually seen it on rare bootlegs, at now-closed theaters, and so on. Some people posted audience participation lines for the scenes. Eventually, all of these details were collected in one place, the Brad-Riff Buttfuck scene FAQ.

Years later, newbies still ask questions about the scene, and a lot of old-timers (including myself) still play along. The question was raised yet again on LJ and the newsgroup recently, and I just had to laugh...