March 26th, 2004


Random Bits

The results of a recent survey have been released. It was a poll on how women felt about the size of their ass. The findings of the study are very interesting:
    85% of women think their ass is too big.
    10% of women think their ass is too small.
    5% of women say that they don't care, they love him, and would have married him anyway.
A few new icons: The first is a shrinkage of a picture I made last year (click on the icon for the full size image) after the wedding. It is my South Park avatar with a likeness of </a></b></a>, with Simian Hill (home of gwiii and spooky_lu) in the background. The second icon can be blamed on lots42 for putting the idea in my head (click on the icon to see the thread). Be thankful that I didn't have the time to animate it. The third icon is Ron Jeremy as "Jizz Master Zero" in Orgazmo. Just nod and move on.


And finally, a short rant: Driving on the DC Beltway, don't you hate getting caught behind a slow-moving car, and then seeing that he has diplomatic plates? Sure, maybe that means he comes from a country where they ride cars on the other side of the road, or just ride camels in their bedrooms, but still -- you've got diplomatic immunity! Step on it! If I had diplomatic immunity, I'd be causing sonic booms...