April 5th, 2004

Captain Obvious


Why couldn't Halle Berry have done something about all the bad weather in this movie?

Dumb joke, I know, but the only non-spoiler comment I could think to make -- other than "see it!"

Allah Sulu-South Park

Vodka-Flavoured Vice Cream

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A new vodka-flavored ice cream launched in Australia provoked an outcry Saturday from groups worried it would give children a taste for alcohol.

We need more wholesome flavours like "anthrax ripple", "ram's bladder cup", and "crunchy frog".
The booze-flavored Illicit Vodka Cranberry Magnum ice creams hit the shelves just months after biscuit-maker Arnott's new Tia Maria Tim Tams and Kahlua Slices prompted fears that the liquor-laced biscuits would encourage children to drink.
I thought it was puberty that encouraged children to drink...
"These products normalize alcohol and suggest to people that they ought to be thinking about alcohol just about every hour of the day," said Geoff Munro, Community Alcohol Action Network director.
Not true! We alternate between thoughts of alcohol and thoughts of sex! When are those flavoured ice creams going to be made?
"It introduces children to the taste of alcohol at potentially a very early age and I think that should be avoided," he told Australian Associated Press.
We all know what happens when children are introduced to alcohol at early ages -- they grow up French!
Streets, which makes the Magnums now on sale in Victoria state as part of its "vice-cream" range, said the ice creams contained only vodka flavoring and no alcohol.
All that hoo-hah and there's no actual vodka in them? I think I might protest that!!
The firm's marketing general manager David McNeil told the Herald Sun newspaper the ice creams were promoted only to adults. He added that rum and raisin has been a popular ice cream flavor for 30 years.
Yeah, but... ummm... Damn you and your logic! Think of the children!!!